Introducing Beyond Flawless™

Second Skin

Eye bags, Dark circles and  Wrinkles?  Gone almost Instantly. All Day and All Night.

The features of Beyond Flawless™:

  • Waterproof
  • Invisible/Undetectable
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Lasts Up to 24 Hours
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Watch What

When each of these women apply Beyond Flawless™ under just one of their eyes the difference is both dramatic and amazing.Cosmetic surgery can’t promise results this good.

No Retouching. No Alterations. No Filters. No Effects Makeup. No Light Tricks.

These photos are real!  Your results may vary.

That’s Incredible!

What's the Secret?!!?!?

The Beyond Flawless secret is its REVOLUTIONARY breakthrough use of graphene to form a second skin. Two gels – a base layer and an activing serum – work together to form an ultra-thin, super strong synthetic skin with the resilience and perfection of a youthful, unblemished complexion.

100% of people tested

saw their eye bags start to diminish in less than 3 minutes. Results continued to improve throughout the day – further flattening eyebags and wrinkles while remaining completely undetectable.Those tested described their skin as feeling moisturized after every use without allergic reaction or irritation to the applied area. It has instant gratification with long term anti-aging benefits.

BF-free gifts

Beyond Flawless™

Guarantee your friends will envy you how good you look!

Hear what these thrilled users
think about Beyond Flawless™


I have bought plenty of ‘eye bag’ products and they ALL left a flakey residue and would crack if I smiled and just looked awful. This does what it says it will and does not flake at all! My bags are flat and no one would know I am wearing it. Do not waste your money on those infomercial products, they are a joke. This, this is the real deal! Thank you!



This is a fabulous undereye product. I am 65 and have tried every-thing for years. This does exactly as stated. Lily and her education and dedication has a wonderful skin care line. This is the icing on the cake. My undereye area in ALL ways looks smooth. It is undetectable. Easy to remove with a wipe. Thanks!!!



I saw Lily demonstrate this product when she brought it to TSC and thought what do I have to lose. I just got it in the mail and decided to use it right away. I followed her instructions very carefully and was very amazed and pleased with the results around my eyes. I got busy and kind of forgot about it. When my husband got home from work and kissed me hello he said you look especially pretty today..Well that made day and he still dose not know what I did. Amazing Product !!!! I hope Lily will keep bringing this to TSC.


WOW WOW WOW MAGIC should be a 100 star rating

Best product ever. Lily you are brilliant. I am going to send a picture of my eyes to tsc facebook if I can to show you the results. I have no undercover creme no foundation on my face except a little of the it compact foundation around my nose and laugh lines. Tell me when are you going to make a similar product for the laugh lines and nose to the mouth area. This is the best product for senor women or women with lines around their eyes. Not to mention that it is so soothing under my eyes. I feel a litle pressure that helps the eye strain I suffer from because I work on the computer all day long. Miracle. Don’t ever run out and make it for the other areas. Best thing I have ever bought in my life from the shopping channel. I am 65 so it is really a must for me.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend.


Amazing product, unlimited STARS!

This product is so amazing, when I first got it, I watched the tutorial video on Lily’s website, then I tried. At first, I guess I was not applied properly, the second skin was not showing the best results. After 2 tries, it became very easy for me to apply. I went to a business meeting yesterday, everyone, I mean literally everyone that I know in the meeting asked me if I had a face lift, my under eye saggingness, my puffiness, my wrinkles are gone, the good thing about this product is I can apply the makeup powder(matte, be careful how you put the makeup powder, only tiny little, not around the edges, i tried several time to make it right)I wear it all day long until before I went to bed. The most impressive thing is it is invisible and no one knows what I was wearing. The coolest thing is when I peel it off. This is most amazing product in the whole world of cosmetics. I just love and love it, plus it is going to last long time with these 2 big tubes. Thank you TSC and Lily, I never saw a product like this on the market.


Results are truly Better than Cosmetics Surgery!!!

This is an awesome product! Can’t believe the results I get, my eye bags are totally flat, I mean really flat like I used to look like at age 20s’. Everybody think I have gone under the knife the first day I wear it and went to work, I only shared my secret to several people about this product though. I have very puffy eye bags, and they affected me how I used to look, I was thinking of going through a surgery, the good thing is this second skin comes to the Shopping Channel just in time. I purchase it and I am so glad it work on me so wonderfully, now I would not even think of going to the surgery again, because the results are unknown and uncertain. With this, I know it is going to work just beautifully on me. Thank you so much the Shopping Channel, please make sure to keep it coming, and I will stock it up…..


Miraculous Product! It does what it says!!!

When I saw the TV commercial for this product, I was skeptical about purchasing it. It seemed too good to be true. I am a RN and have a fairly critical, cautious disposition toward products we put in or on our bodies, especially such products sold on TV. They all seem so gimmicky. So, when I tell you I’m hard to win over or convince, I mean it. But, I figured I had tried a number of expensive, well known products for my troubling under eye area and nothing had worked. Why not give something completely new a chance? When I received this product, I watched the tutorial and wound up wearing it for over 24 hours. I am still completely stunned and awed at how this works, how flawless it appears, how easy it was to apply, how beautiful it blends with my skin tone. I can’t believe it, but I look like a new person. I am almost 50 and my eye area seems to be the most visibly noticeable site where time has left its mark. Prior to using this product, I had been told I was looking tired despite the countless products and regimens I wrestled with to hide the bags, puffiness and wrinkles around my eyes. It was crushing to walk out of my home feeling like I wanted to wear dark glasses all day; feeling youthful and energetic inside, but haggard looking on the outside. But one application of this product and it’s like someone abducted my eye area and gave me a younger person’s as a replacement. I don’t feel it at all and am not wearing any makeup though I could. You cannot see it AT ALL. It’s a miracle. Family and friends have noticed something that has changed about me but can’t tell what. New haircut? New shoes? You look really good, rested, I have been told. It feels great to have my inner sense of myself match my overall appearance! I am currently won over! WOW! Thank you for developing this amazing product! I am a customer for life. DO NOT leave the planet ever!

Sylke S

It is soooooo good, 10000 stars!

I bought this product while Lily was demonstrated it on air. I have puffy eyes and wrinkles for the last 20 years, I never dreamed a product would solve all my problems, what a great product! I looked at least 15 years younger after I applied this product, oh, one thing I want to share is after apply the second step, wait for a minute, make sure to use a napkin very gently to dab the extra serum dry, this have shortened the drying time dramatically. The great thing is no one knows what I am wearing, it completely undetectable! Thank you TSC brought this amazing product to us!


WOW, WOW, WOW! A great Cosmetics Invention!!!

I am so glad there is an awesome invention in cosmetics like this one. Lily, you are wonderful and brilliant to create some product like this second skin that can help us women who have puffie eye bags and wrinkles. I am using this product everyday, and it makes me regain my confidence back. My puffy eye bags and wrinkles around my eyes have gone, and it lasts more than a whole day. I actually sleped with it, next day I totally forgot and I took shower, it was still intact. It is so amazing. Wow, Wow, Wow please keep it coming, I will buy over and over again. Thank you Shopping Channel to bring such amazing product to us!!!


How do You Use Beyond Flawless?

Two easy steps on clean, dry skin! #1 Apply Base Cream in the silver tube in a thin layer and smooth with the silver applicator. Close the cap. Wipe off the applicator. #2 Apply Activating Serum in the black tube using the black applicator to spread and smooth it evenly over the base cream. Close the cap. Wipe off the applicator. The second skin will start forming on contact! Relax for 2-3 minutes, use a clean paper towel to gently press the serum dry.


2 gels combine to form a safe, micro-thin, breathable film that mimics human skin

It is invisible & undetectable

It is Self adhesive clinging to the skin without glue

It is comfortable to wear

It is water, sweat & temperature proof

It flattens eye bags and wrinkles without surgery

It contains natural moisturizing ingredients

You can apply light matte powder makeup over it

No flakes, no white residues through your entire wearing

It reduces under eye bags in minutes and lasts up to 24 hours

It has natural SPF sun protection

It contains anti-aging peptides, stabilized vitamin C and extracts C for long-term anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin brightening effects

You get
•21 ml of each step (base cream and activating serum) with applicators – a 60 day supply* of the world’s FIRST 24-hour BREATHABLE, WATERPROOF SECOND SKIN to DIMINISH EYE BAGS & WRINKLES at 50% off the regular price
•TWO free gifts – Lily Bioceuticals New Age NR Skin Revitalizing Precursor Serum (7ml) and Lily Bioceuticals New Age Cream with NAD+ (7ml)
•A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (minus s&h)
*one application per day

Satisfaction Guarantee

All of the Beyond Flawless Second Skin offers are for a One-Time purchase with NO future commitment and every order comes with out 30-Day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee! 30 days for a full refund less the cost of shipping and processing. Click here for details. NO automatic shipments! NO fine print! NO frustrations!

BF-free gifts

Beyond Flawless™

Got More Questions? We Have Answers!

Yes! Beyond Flawless™ is easy to apply but the tutorial covers a few precautions you should take to avoid product cross-contamination. Also, applying the right amount for maximum effect may take some practice.  The tubes contain have enough product for approximately sixty uses.  Watch the tutorial and you will be an expert in no time!

No, not directly on the second skin or on the edges of the Beyond Flawless™ application. You can apply serum or light cream all over your face (we suggest Lily’s Ageless Serum and Lily’s New Age, New Era Regimen or Day & Night Cream) at least an hour before you apply the “second skin” onto your under eye area.*  DO NOT directly apply any serum or moisturizer onto or near the edges of the Beyond Flawless “second skin” while you are wearing it.

* If you have applied any product to the undereye area prior to applying Beyond Flawless™, take a clean tissue, dab it in water and wipe the under eye area dry before you apply Beyond Flawless™.

Yes, you can! However, in order to maintain the best results, we recommend using dry powdered makeup on the Beyond Flawless™ “second skin” to cover dark circles rather than liquid makeup. We recommend Lily Bioceuticals™ specially-developed light powder if you have heavy dark circles. NOTE: The Lily Bioceuticals™ powder is currently sold out, but will be restocked as soon as possible! In the meantime, try your favorite loose powder and see if it works for you.

We formulated the powder to be extremely loose specially for the purpose of applying it over the Beyond Flawless™ “second skin,” so it will spread evenly. Use only a tiny amount of powder and avoid brushing the edges of the second skin. NOTE: The Lily Bioceuticals™ powder is currently sold out, but will be restocked as soon as possible! In the meantime, try your favorite loose powder and see if it works for you.

Yes, the medical-grade graphene is specifically developed and processed for use in the medical field, therefore, it is safe to use on skin.

Yes, you can. However, it is not necessary since the “second skin” reacts Instantaneously and dries quickly.

The Beyond Flawless™ “second skin” contains ingredients that can lose their effectiveness if exposed to air while in the tube. It is very important to put the cap back on as soon as you squeeze the product onto the applicator to keep the product from drying out. Be sure to store the product at room temperature. Use the silver cap and applicator only for the silver tube product. Use the black cap and applicator only for  the black tube product. Do not swap the caps or applicators.

The whole purpose is to let the first layer cream (silver tube product) react with the second layer Serum (black tube product), so if you cross use the caps or applicators, the first layer cream will be prematurely activated and ruin the product.  Even a tiny bit will cause a reaction.

Yes. To get the best results, please watch the tutorial video because it shows you how to apply the product correctly. Don’t be discouraged if you make a mistake the first time. Practice several times and you will get it right.

Applying too much product will not deliver a stronger “second skin.” In fact, it will ruin the results. Since everyone’s eye bags are different, we suggest you practice a few times to determine what amount of product gives you the best results.

No. Remember, the second skin is not glued down. It naturally clings to your skin. If you rub the edges, you will loosen the “second skin” and the edges will start to peel off. You should treat wearing this second skin as if you are wearing mascara or eye liner. Don’t rub the area. If you the “second skin” tears, simply take a tissue and press it down.

No. The raw materials we use are all either USP grade (United States Pharmacopeia) or NF (National Formulary). Beyond Flawless

In about 5~15 minutes, as the second skin starts to dry, you will begin to feel the tightening effect. In about 20~30 minutes, you will see diminished eye bags and smoother skin. As the time goes on, the results will improve even more.

Since this formula has a tightening effect, we do not suggest or encourage you to apply it to other parts of your face.

Please check the “Terms & Conditions” section on the bottom of this page for all instructions on product returns.

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